Craig ‘CJB’ Baxter


Craig ‘CJB’ Baxter has been studying body language and non-verbal communication for 10 years. Originally working in the health profession, Craig’s job is to support, help and give advice to clients in their quest for emotional and physical wellbeing. Craig has adapted his skills into observing human behaviour and relationships and then analysing what these mean. His background is in anatomy and physiology, with an in-depth knowledge of the human body and its movements. Craig is on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a specialist in Cancer Rehabilitation, Obesity and Diabetes and Mental Health.

Craig’s debut book ‘Behind The Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told The World’ has become an Amazon International Best Seller, hitting the #1 spot in 11 countries on Amazon and has attracted high praise from both the Michael Jackson community and the eminent non-verbal experts who research Craig cites in the book. CLICK HERE to buy.

Craig has also written 2 other books on body language, named ‘Unmasked: A Revealing Look at the Fascinating World of Body Language’ and ‘Human Behaviour: A Fascinating Look at Emotions, Superstitions and Body Language.

Since 2011, Craig’s Understanding Body Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet Facebook page has reached 40+ countries, and he has had his work translated into 11 languages. Currently, the page has over 8,000 followers. Craig is a master trainer in reading advanced micro expressions with Elite Humintell training, making him the first and only person in the UK to achieve this accolade.

Craig is also one of the most viewed body language decoders in YouTube’s history, having amassed over 1,800,000 views and compiled over 120 body language analysis videos featuring celebrities, politicians, musicians and high profile criminal investigations. Craig has also completed training in Statement Analysis from narrative analysis expert Mark McClish.

Craig is also on Twitter (

Craig has written for numerous magazines and newspapers, composing articles on flirting, dating, interview techniques and lying and deception. He can be contacted via the ‘contact us’ button or via Twitter. Furthermore, Craig is a regular addition on national radio shows such as Radio Salford, educating listeners on how to spot flirting signs and improve their confidence (for instance at interviews) by altering their body language.

Craig has interviewed 25 of the world’s leading body language experts, including (Desmond Morris, Paul Ekman, Joe Navarro, David Matsumoto, Carol Kinsey Goman, J.J. Newberry) You can access all the interviews HERE.

Craig is not your average man, literally. At 6′ 2″ and 16 stone, he stands head and shoulders above most people. With his size, he has a keen interest in weight-lifting (Click Here to check YouTube to see him deadlifting 200kg >!). Yet he isn’t all brute strength, as he has twice run a 10 mile road race, and is a keen table tennis player! Craig’s fiancée Kat (known as ‘The Boss!’) needs a special mention, because I’m sure you can imagine that she gets nothing past Craig!