Positive body language is necessary to make the right impression and have healthy relationships with people. It is a way of giving love and respect and receiving it back in equal measure. In this article, we will talk about some body language techniques that you can use:

For Your Dating Life

When you are talking to your date, make your eyes slightly wider. This is a good way for you to show a keen interest in what your date is sharing. If your love interest is unconsciously mirroring your body movements, it is an excellent sign. It means that they are showing a continual interest in you.

Body Language Techniques You Need to Know

If you are out on a date, make sure to have a good sitting posture with a straight back and feet firmly planted on the floor. Your feet should be pointing towards your date. This helps you become much more present to your environment, and this level of attentiveness can be very attractive as well.

Try not to be too self-conscious or be thinking about your body language throughout the date. Good body language is only a way to become more mindful of where you are at and how you are interacting with the other person. Avoid tapping your foot or fidgeting. Make use of the power of touch and gently touch your date on their arm now and then.

Be the First One to Reach Out for a Handshake

If you become the first person to initiate a handshake, it instantly makes you more friendly and available. It is a way of letting your guard down and entertaining the possibility of a positive relationship. Take the risk of letting your guard down and being vulnerable unless the other person’s behavior gives you a reason not to.

Eye Contact is Not the Same as Staring

Making eye contact signifies that you are interested and listening to what the other person is communicating. This should ideally be a natural thing. However, if you are shy and struggle to make eye contact, people might sometimes misinterpret it as aloofness or coldness.

You can make eye contact by looking at the person’s eyebrows or different parts of the eyes when you are speaking to them. You can also learn the unique ability to smile with your eyes.

Your Stance

When you are standing, make sure to spread your legs about a shoulder-width apart. This helps you own your space and come from a place of gentle power. An upright stance with your chin up makes you look confident and attractive. Try not to cross your arms as it can make you seem closed up, withdrawn or make people feel that you are in a bad mood.

In Conclusion

Paying attention to body language is an important tool for self-awareness. It helps you understand yourself much better, and you will be able to fix many behavior patterns that don’t serve you in your relationships with people.