Communication is an art form in and of itself. We not only communicate through words but also eye contact, tone, hand movements and posture. A significant portion of our communication tends to be non-verbal. Here are a few reasons why body language is so important:

It Can Help You Connect Better with Other People

Reasons Why Body Language is So Important

People with good body language come off as strong and confident. As you work on your body language, you will notice that people will be more open to receiving information from you and become more engaged in what you are sharing with them.

The body and mind are deeply connected. How you feel about yourself is constantly revealed through the posture you choose to adopt. Good body language can help you immensely when it comes to your dating life.

For instance, if you are crossing your legs towards a person, making proper eye contact and leaning your head slightly towards them, this signifies that you are showing an interest in what they are trying to say. However, if your back is hunched and you look at the floor, it makes you look withdrawn and aloof.

It Can Help You Understand People

Understanding body language gives you a deeper insight into people. If you are on a date and find the woman constantly touching her hair and making deep eye contact, you will know she is interested in you. However, if she is crossing her arms and not smiling warmly, you will see that she is losing interest in the conversation.

Also, if you notice that a person tends to mirror your little actions unconsciously, you can conclude that this person is very interested or has affection for you. You can even get a sense of the other person with a handshake as you better understand body language. You can observe politicians and see how they exert power and authority over each other through body language.

You will also be able to spot when people are lying to you. Dishonest people usually express some form of guilt or shame through avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, shaking their leg too much or if they are sweating profusely.

Reasons Why Body Language is So Important

It Can Help You Professionally

Interviewers not only pay attention to your resume but also your body language. Science has shown that making gentle and slow changes in body language can bring about a positive difference in the attitude and outlook of a person. It can even increase the testosterone and decrease the cortisol in your body, making you look more assertive and charismatic.

It will also help you when you are giving presentations or speaking on a public platform. An audience is more likely to be engaged with the speaker when the speaker is well versed with certain non-verbal communication skills.

In Conclusion

These are some of the reasons why you should start improving your body language. It can have a profound impact on various aspects of your life. Exercises like yoga and tai-chi are a great way to get started.